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La Quebrada Cliff Divers La Quebrada Cliff Divers - No visit to Acapulco is complete without watching the cliff divers perform their impressive jumps into the shallow stream of water of dangerous tides that forms in the bottom part of La Quebrada. They have been doing it since 1934.
Pie de la Cuesta Pie de la Cuesta - Pie de la Cuesta is a quiet strip of land roughly 6 miles northwest of Acapulco, bordered on one side by the Pacific Ocean and on the other by a freshwater lake (Laguna de Cuyoca) on the other. The lagoon is extremely tranquil, but tourists should be advised the surf is very dangerous.
Puerto Marquez Puerto Marquez - Located at a smaller bay just east of Acapulco, Puerto Marquez sees much less tourist traffic than Acapulco. One side of the bay is completely covered by adjacent beach-side restaurants offering very reasonably priced food and beer. Fewer locals speak English.
Acapulco Spring Break Spring Break - Acapulco is the #1 destination for Spring break in the world, however it changes the #1 spot with Cancun at times. In the past few years Acapulco has been a preferred destination for spring breakers, with tens of thousands of students descending upon this resort town to drink away the sorrows of midterms in a multitude of bars and clubs...More
Zocalo Zocalo - Zocalo, Acapulco's town square, lies on the western side of La Costera. It tends to expose more local culture than other, more tourist-centric, areas. Zocalo contains Acapulco's cathedral, as well as many restaurants ranging in size from sidewalk bistros and tiny street-corner kitchens.


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