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Acapulco reputation for nightlife is renowned, the fun usually begins after a long dinner and can last until dawn. In Acapulco there are giant discos with lase lights and mirrored walls. You will never have a problem trying to find something to do in Acapulco. There are discos, nightclubs and hotel bars almost on every corner, it could be said that Acapulco is the party city of Mexico. Every year thousands of college students flock to Acapulco for their Spring Break. Acapulco next to Cancun is one of the 10 Spring Break hot spots in the world. The dress code at the discos is standard (jeans and t-shirts are frowned upon however they will not turn you away). Cover charges at most clubs can be steep however you can usually work out a deal with the door guy if you are bringing in a big group. Below is a list of Bars and nightclubs in Acapulco Mexico. For more information on Spring break in Acapulco Click Here Acapulco Nightlife
Alebrije - Large Disco can handle up to 5000 people * Across from the Hyatt Regency * Laser light show Open Daily 10pm- until dawn * Contact 744-484-5902

Baby 'O - Private Popular Late Night Disco, sometimes they open they doors to non-members * Accommodates wealthy Mexicans * Contact 744-484-7474

Paladium - Largest Disco in Town * Dance floor has 50ft high windows with views of Acapulco. Waterfall cascades on the dance floor * Contact 744-446-5490



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